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BerryBee Farms is able to remove bee swarms and hives from various locations and structures. We will remove the bees with no harm to the bees or the environment, take the bees and relocate them to a new home where they are able to live out their lives and help the environment through continued pollination.

We are permitted by the Texas Apiary Inspection Service to perform removals in Harris, Montgomery, Liberty, Waller, Walker, Fort Bend, Galveston, Grimes, San Jacinto, and Brazoria Counties.

Bees are essential to life.

Bees are an essential part of our environment and account for the pollination of up to 33% of the food we eat. The honey they produce is not only a sweet treat, but is full of antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins, and other beneficial ingredients that are essential to a healthy life.

Bees are Sacred

No Harm removal .

BerryBee Farms believes in a holistic approach to bee removal and care. Our mission is to remove bees without any harm to the bees themselves or to the environment. No pesticides or chemicals are used to remove the bees or in the care of the bees after they have been relocated to their new apiaries. Bees were sacred to our ancestors and we continue with this philosophy.

Holistic Approach to Beekeeping

Minimal Impact, Maximum Results .

Bees are insects of opportunity and will build a hive in any structure or space they feel is safe and will benefit their needs. They only require a hole as small as 1/8 of an inch to gain access. BerryBee Farms makes every effort to minimize the impact on structures when gaining access to the hive. The bees and comb are removed and placed in a new hive, and the area is cleaned and treated to decrease the chance of other bees moving into the space, We are able to do some minor repairs of the structures, but we also will assist you in locating a repair professional for complete repair of the area.

Before and After Pictures

Why Live Removal?

When bees have moved into a structure it is not just the bees that need to be removed. Pest control companies may spray and kill the bees, but if they do not remove the bees, comb, honey, and larvae things start to get nasty. Roaches, ants and even mice will move in to consume the dead bees and comb. The honey will begin to rot, ferment, and leak through the drywall causing more damage to the structure. Beetles will lay their eggs in the hive and worms will begin to destroy the comb and surrounding structure.
A live removal and cleaning of the space will save you from this headache and further expense.

Worm infested comb from improper removal


Bee removal is a very hot, dirty, and sticky work. A simple ground level removal from a cable box, water meter, or electrical box can take about an hour or two to remove the bees and comb, while a house, depending on the height and location of the hive, can take four or more hours. Sometimes, once the hive is accessed, the job may be more intensive than originally thought. In this case we will discuss all options before work continues.
We will come out and give a free estimate and discuss all available options before any work is performed.

Ground Level

$75*flat rate

  • Swarms
  • Water Meters
  • Cable Boxes
  • Power Boxes



  • Houses
  • Sheds
  • Offices
  • Barns

Municipal& Utility


  • Special Rate for
    Utility Companies

Our Bees and Work.

Here are some photos taken of our bees, some of the removals, and simply fun stuff.

What People Are Saying.

  • I was very happy with the service that you provided us on our bees that needed a new home. I learned a lot about our little friends on your visit and will definitely use your services again.

    Tindy M.
  • I was so worried about the bees being around my small children. You not only did a wonderful job removing them from the house, but you were so wonderful teaching my son about bees and and he was so excited when you let him hold some of the bees. And no stings! He wants to be a beekeeper when he grows up now.

    Caroline P.
  • You communicate beautifully. Thank you for figuring things out and abating those bees from my house. Thank you also for taking the initiative to keep other pests out.

    Eva N.
  • I just wanted to let you know you did a wonderful job in removing the bees from my home. I really appreciated you taking the time to explain everything in detail and I learned a lot about bees in the process.

    Mike W.
  • Thank you so much for removing the bees from the tree in my yard. I freaked out when you walked up and started removing them with no suit and no gloves, but after you explained about the bees I have a much better understanding of them. Again, thank you so much.

    James C.